DERBI SENDA/GPR ->2006 EURO 2 (ref: 494089)

Doppler has a great competition experience. Doppler's knowledge enables to get excellent-quality parts. Developped in France, the Origin cast iron cylinder mounts on all the vehicules equipped with a Minarelli AM6 engine. Doppler has created this product for a daily use, as it is road approved (49/9). It is characterised by a 3-port timing booster exhaust and a transfer change (modified scavenging to reduce dead volumes). Doppler's knowledge has enabled to improve engine torque without degrading high engine-speed power. Set-up is simplified and installation quicker.

spare parts

SEGMENT (X2) 491313

PISTON 491309

JOINT 491307

CULASSE 496867

Indicative public price : 118.00€