Who are we?

Doppler is a brand created in the late 1980s. She immediately became a leader in the competition rooms, her core business. Since then, the products have benefited from an image of reliability and performance. Its parts are the result of technical rigour in manufacturing, not only by the machining processes but also by the specific choice of materials. In the 1990s, DOPPLER was able to take a new direction and convert itself into the manufacture of engine parts and accessories for the general public. The aim is to promote the brand and sell it on a large scale to make the competitions accessible to young people. The first spare parts for the general public developed by DOPPLER are drives (ER1, ER2, ER3), cylinders and exhaust pipes for mopeds.

Second, the brand expanded and offered spare parts for scooters. We can therefore see an evolution towards air boxes, clutches, gear kits. DOPPLER distinguishes itself by the constant study of products and high-performance realizations in order to satisfy the expectations and demands of the consumer. Its technological innovations in design and revolutionary design open up new horizons.
Today, DOPPLER continues to innovate in response to the latest market trends. As the disciplines of racing have evolved, DOPPLER has been able to meet the new requirements by offering adapted products such as the SX86 clutch and the RR7 pot.
The brand also focused on the development of the 50 to box 50 with the VORTEX mounts and cylinders. Finally, DOPPLER wanted to broaden its range by offering products such as chain kits, crowns, brake pads, oleopneumatic shock absorbers.
Doppler logo wholesaler Saint Herblain

Until 2006, the logo is blue, white, red. The colours were chosen at the time to show the French quality of the products. The red line symbolized the speed curve.
After 2006, only the DOPPLER typography is retained. The logo is black, a guarantee of sobriety and available in white.
Since 2011, the DOPPLER logo has been revised with other colours that correspond to the image given by the products. Yellow expresses power, creativity and energy, grey represents technology and finally white symbolizes freedom, the primary value of two-wheeler drivers. Finally, the more rounded contours of the logo give it a more refined look.