AM6 (ref: 367223)

The DOPPLER Endurance crnakshaft is dedicated to racing use. It is made of a solid mass technology, corrected with an anodised aluminium balancing tap, which reduces dead volumes at bottom-engine while ensuring maximum balancing and good momentum. It is equipped with a light forged racing connecting rod, with a removable INA needle cage and it can take up to 18 000 rpm. To ensure even better efficiency, the diameter of the connecting rod base has gone from 16 to 18 mm and the crankshaft tangs have gone from 16 mm to 20 mm. Concerning the crank pin, its diameter is 18 mm against 16 mm for the original one.

Technical information
Delivered with: a piston needle cage (specific to the Doppler Endurance wheelbase), 20mm crankshaft tang needing two 6204 bearings (not delivered)
Indicative public price : 150.00€