MRX/SMX/RIEJU BLUE (ref: 461085)

Unlike many traditional spring or spring combinatinon and hydraulic shock absorbers, the DOPPLER shock absorber combines hydraulic and pneumatic. The hydraulic manages decompression and compression thanks to a dual-valve piston. Decompression and compression have a distinct speed. Decompression and prestressing are pneumatically made instead of a traditional spring. The pneumatic spring has a non-linear pressur curve, offering grip improvement. It has great precision and is easy to set up, as you just need to adjust the pressure to the rider's weight and to the type of use. This technique offers a great sensitiveness on low displacements and prevents from contacts under violent shocks. Entirely cut from solid, it is made of aluminium and inox. It has a double guiding which gives it good holding on the entire stroke.

Technical information
Indicative public price : 233.00€